Some History

I have had a lifelong interest in photography with various ebbs and flows. As a child I had a hand-me down brownie camera. In high school and college I used a Graflex 4X5 camera. I had a resurgence of interest about ten years ago when I built a black and white darkroom to develop my film and do my printing. My prior darkroom was in college where I used a linen closet to do the printing and the bathtub to wash the prints. With the emergence of digital photography I haven’t been using film much lately. The darkroom has been getting some use with various alternative photography techniques that I have become interested in. Among these are platinum printing, where I make a digitally produced negative to print from, emulsion lifts and transfers with Polaroid film, and SX-70 manipulations. Sadly Polaroid has discontinued this film.

Links to more of my photography (will open in a new window):

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Published in, an online photo magazine:

Platinum Prints of Streets and Alleys in Tuscany

York City at Night


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